After starting her business in 2000, the Campaner household has gotten used to the constant sound of the sewing machine…even at 12 midnight. With the Sci-Fi channel blaring through her television Judy’s hard at work. But this is what it takes to run a small business while working full time as an Operating Room Nurse Manager at Albany, New York’s #1 hospital. So, please keep that in mind when understanding that all orders are made to order and sent out as soon as possible. To do that, she employs the help of her daughter, Kristin.

    Initially buying material to make hats for herself, her envious coworkers’ demands for their own scrub hats led her to start making “Scrub Hats With Attitude.” Since then, they’ve been shipped all across the United States and all over the world, including: Australia, Canada, Cyprus, France, Germany, Great Britian, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, and Taiwan. They were even used on TNT’s hospital drama, “Heartland.” And the demand is only increasing, so the sewing machine goes on. Yes, even after mindnight.